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Is WordPress stronger with the other Content Management System(CMS)?

The simplest answer is this: Yes.

Think it along these lines, just like your iphones require iOS or Android to function, so your “brilliant website” requires WordPress.

While WordPress is not the only site operating platform for every account, it is an irrefutable leader in this field. At the time of publishing, WordPress runs 32% of anything being fair. Once again, these are * all * sites. WordPress is a free and open-source content management program written in PHP and combined with a MySQL database. Apps provide a plugin framework and a template system, referred to as Themes inside WordPress.


WordPress Facts

Totally 27,021,750 WordPress websites live to claim the audit, along with 2,316,566 additional WordPress website redirected.

Benefits Of WordPress


The best aspect is that we can import and utilize the open Source software, even freshers will use it without any trouble.

Choice of multiple themes

WordPress also has a broad variety of themes that are tailored to suit the specifications. Aside from this, we may still choose our own themes and from any source.


Plugin plays a very important position on this site, with such plugins users may customize or enable helpful functions for their business. WordPress offers several plugins free of charge and several specialized plugins are fairly priced.

Community support

The most important aspect of WordPress is user participation. There are more people contributing to it, this group gives help to other users when they require assistance.

Responsive Design

WordPress offers a photo at both device types and accessories. You will connect to the site from a workroom, a Mac, a laptop, a phone.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Since WordPress is a simple code that makes it easy for search engines to index the contents of the site. A plugin is available for SEO in WordPress.